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About Hive Genie

We are part of INGENUeering LLC


Mario Chapa, M.S. is our lead Engineer and our CEO.  He is a Professional Mechanical Engineer with the Texas Board of Professional Engineers and holds a Master's Degree in Environmental Engineering.  

He is a member of The Rice Alliance, The Houston Inventors Association and The Montgomery County Beekeepers Association.

Our Team:

​Mario Chapa M.S., P.E.              Environmental/Mechanical Engineer, Beekeeper
Jonathan Goudy                        Electronic Engineer
Rene Almeida                            Electronic Engineer
Joe Levi, M.S.                            Software Engineer
Leigh Johnson                           Mentor
Mark Henrichs                           Mentor
Jeff Williams                               Patent Attorney
​Arne Larsen                               Accountant
Houston Technology Center      Incubator
McNair Ignition Fund                 Accelerator

After three years of design work and testing, we have developed the Hive Genie.  Hive Genie is a robotic beekeeper that acts as an Integrated Pest Management System, a Hive Guardian and an Information Center all in one Bee friendly unit.  The Hive Genie makes beekeeping an enjoyable interesting experience.


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Bee Protection


Our goal is to minimize environmental impact while protecting bees from bugs, pesticides and animals. Learn about our healthy alternatives to pesticides. 




Work Reduction

Monitor hundreds of hives in seconds, no need to open the hives for inspection, the Hive Genie will let you know what is going on inside.



Save the bees and money

By detecting problems in real time, the Hive Genie can help you save the bees from many of their problems.  It will alert you when something is wrong or when it's time to harvest or split.




We are a proud part of INGENUeering LLC.  Our team members are Engineering Profesionals in the fields of: Environmental Egineering, Softwate Engineering and Electronics Engineering with more than 60 years of experience combined.  Oh, and we are also beekeepers of course!