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The HIVE GENIE takes the guessing away and lets you run your hives with informed scientific decisions.  It’s like having an experienced beekeeper watching my bees 24/7.


The HIVE GENIE is easy to install: simply slide the unit in your hive entrance, introduce the temperature and humidity probe and position the weight sensors underneath it and you are done!  


The HIVE Genie contains 24 different sensors and can observe many events occurring within your hive.

Counts Bees
Measures Temp, RH and light
Weights Honey
Estimates Population
Alerts beekeeper

Most bee deaths can be prevented if causes are detected early enough.

Unlike inspecting hives manually every 14 days, The Hive Genie collects data constantly, predicting hive population and health and minimizing the need of physical inspection of beehives, thus reducing mortality rate by at least 50%.


To make the HIVEGENIE readily available at super cool prices, we need your support so we can make production runs that are cost effective.  

We are now taking pre-orders at early bird price!  This offer won't last long, it is only for the first few hundred customers!

Regular price $TBD + $30.00 S&H

Second round price $399.00 USD + FREE US Shipping

If you are thinking on becoming a beekeeper, this is the perfect tool for you.  You will save a lot of painful lessons.  If you are a veteran beekeeper, you know that this tool will not only save you a lot of inspection work, but can save your hive from a myriad of issues.

Make sure to select the HIVE GENIE that is right for you.  With your help, we can save the bees while enjoying them.

Please help us and get involved.

I wish you and your bees to BEE HAPPY… you can count on HIVE GENIE to count your bees! 


By installing Hive Genies across the globe and sharing the information gathered we know we can find the causes of CCD and  save the bees.

Help us save the bees, starting with your own!  The information we can collect with your Hive Genies is invaluable to researchers.  There is no faster way to get global standardized data in real time.  Our little friends deserve our help.  We need them as much as they need us.  This is a battle that we can win, but we need as much help as possible.  So spread the word, come join us.

There are many other things we can do, but we need your help (See our campaign on other things you can do to save the bees…

Plant flowers and fruits and trees
Do not use pesticides
Buy organic and local food only, if not possible do it for corn and as many crops as possible.
Get bees, become a beekeeper
Get your Hive Genie and share your hive’s data.
Collect swarms and hives from unsafe urban areas.
Big Corporations respond to money only, don’t buy from them, they’ll change their ways, don’t expect politicians or laws to control them, your behavior does.).

Join our HIVE GENIE community, and help reshape the software and future add-ons.  See how other hives are doing around the world and get the latest upgrades and gadgets. 

The gates sizes have been tailored to protect the bees from hornets and mice while letting the bees enter and exit freely, even during the peak of the honey flow.   Bees actually prefer small entrances because they are easier to defend and remain warmer.  

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