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New Prototype as seen on CNBC


The HIVE Genie contains 24 different sensors and can observe many events occurring within your hive.

The main sensors are the gates.  Every bee that enters or leaves the hive is counted or discounted.  Our patent pending technology can actually tell apart between incoming and outgoing bees. There is no other technology in the world that can do this.  And this is the key to your success as a beekeeper.

Inside and outside temperature and humidity are measured to correlate with flight and foraging activity.

Weight sensors monitor the weight gained daily. 

A photo resistor determines if it’s day or night.

Its software then uses all this information to rate the hive performance with a color code and estimates the bee population and health.

Thanks to real time information, with the Hive Genie, the mortality rate for preventable or treatable causes can be reduced dramatically, thus increasing the chances of survival for the hive.  Acting at the early stages of a problem will save your bees.


Hi, I’m Mario. an Environmental Engineer and a Beekeeper.  For the last 20 years, I’ve been battling pollution, global warming, deforestation and extinction.  So if you think your job stinks, think of me working on top of a Wastewater treatment plant holding the raw sewer of a whole city, or imagine me standing on top of a mound made of city's trash dumped a few hours ago.  Now that is a stinky job!  

As for the bees, when we became aware that Bees are endangered, we decided to tackle this problem head on…

Aside from bees being everybody’s favorite insect, they might also be the most important for us because, whether we are aware of this or not, we depend on bees.  They not only provide us with: honey, wax, propolis and pollen, but also they pollinate our crops.  Even their venom has medicinal properties!  Without bees, most of our crops would fail or diminish their production dramatically.


The Hive Genie is Arduino based, which means it is proven and reliable open source technology.  It also means that can be hacked with and expanded with many people’s inventions.

So How Powerful does the Hive Genie really is?  There are a lot of claims of what it can do.

To put things in perspective lets compare the Hive Genie with some famous computers:

The AGC (Apollo Guidance Computer) which was the computer in the command module of NASA's Apollo missions and helped astronauts to control the module's navigation path to the Moon and back, had 64 Kbytes of memory and operated at a speed of 0.043 MHz.

The Hive Genie has 32 Kbytes of Program memory but operates at 16 MHz.  So this means that the Hive Genie runs 372 times faster than the Apollo Guidance Computer, but has only half the memory for programming.  That's OK though, we are not flying to the moon, we are only relaying information to the cloud and controlling a few add ons!  Plenty of power.  The rest of the program is on the cloud where we can interpret all the data gathered and trigger alarms.  See our SPECs page for the logic behind the alarms.

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Deep Blue, the computer that defeated chess champion  Garry Kasparov had a processor speed of 120 MHz and 128 Kbytes.  So Deep Blue is about 7 times faster and had 4 times the memory.  Still, in 1995 Deep Blue lost a computer chess to a computer program called Fritz 3 in 39 moves, getting a second place  in the 8th World Computer Chess Championship.  Photo courtesy of IBM and Wikipedia.

Both of these computers would be far too big to fit into a beehive!

Get your HIVEGENIE and enjoy your bees. Now, you will only have to open the hive for the right reasons.

It’s like BIG BROTHER for your hive!

Hive Genie is like the R2 unit of the hive.

The HIVE GENIE takes the guessing away and lets you run your hives with informed scientific decisions.  It’s like having an experienced beekeeper watching my bees 24/7.


The HIVE GENIE is easy to install: simply slide the unit in your hive entrance, introduce the temperature and humidity probe and position the weight sensors underneath it and you are done!  


To make the HIVEGENIE readily available at super cool prices, we need your support so we can make production runs that are cost effective.  

We are now taking pre-orders at early bird price!  This offer won't last long, it is only for the first few hundred customers!

Regular price $TBD + $30.00 S&H

Second round price $399.00 USD + FREE US Shipping

If you are thinking on becoming a beekeeper, this is the perfect tool for you.  You will save a lot of painful lessons.  If you are a veteran beekeeper, you know that this tool will not only save you a lot of inspection work, but can save your hive from a myriad of issues.

Make sure to select the HIVE GENIE that is right for you.  With your help, we can save the bees while enjoying them.

Please help us and get involved.

I wish you and your bees to BEE HAPPY… you can count on HIVE GENIE to count your bees! 

Old Prototypes.


Environmental problems are solvable.   In the past, humanity has saved the whales from extinction, stopped the ozone layer depletion and remediated polluted areas. Every day more people have access to vaccines and potable water.   Now, let’s save the bees.


By installing Hive Genies across the globe and sharing the information gathered we know we can find the causes of CCD and  save the bees.

Help us save the bees, starting with your own!  The information we can collect with your Hive Genies is invaluable to researchers.  There is no faster way to get global standardized data in real time.  Our little friends deserve our help.  We need them as much as they need us.  This is a battle that we can win, but we need as much help as possible.  So spread the word, come join us.

There are many other things we can do, but we need your help (See our campaign on other things you can do to save the bees…

Plant flowers and fruits and trees
Do not use pesticides
Buy organic and local food only, if not possible do it for corn and as many crops as possible.
Get bees, become a beekeeper
Get your Hive Genie and share your hive’s data.
Collect swarms and hives from unsafe urban areas.
Big Corporations respond to money only, don’t buy from them, they’ll change their ways, don’t expect politicians or laws to control them, your behavior does.).

Join our HIVE GENIE community, and help reshape the software and future add-ons.  See how other hives are doing around the world and get the latest upgrades and gadgets. 


The Hive Genie has connectors for future optional actuators that can be installed in the hive such as: cameras, microphones, heaters, fans, infrared motion detectors, automated skylights, beetle traps and powder sugar sprinklers. See our store for add-ons.

Let sunlight into the hive and expel hive beetles.  

You can connect and control your flow hive from the HIVE GENIE!

These two pics courtesy of NASA, Left: Apollo Mission Take off.  Right, Apollo Guidance Computer.

Bees also the most studied insect.  Even so, for most of the last decade, the world has been losing about 40% of its bee population.  Which is twice above the normal loses.  The number one cause is Colony Collapse Disorder, but there are other threats such as: disease, pests, pesticides, predation and changing weather patterns.  So far, there is no smoking gun to the causes of CCD, some point to: neonicotinoid pesticides, monoculture crops, inbreeding or disease.  In the mean time, with the Hive Genie we can do something about it!


Researchers and Commercial beekeepers may monitor hundreds of hives in a matter of seconds.    As few as 5 to 10% of your hives monitored with the Hive Genie can give a solid statistical sampling of your entire apiary.

Backyard beekeepers can enjoy the hive all day long and know what’s happening even if you are a beginner.

Take care of your bees while on vacation!

The Hive Genie makes beekeeping easier on beginners and experts alike.  And it’s easier on the bees too.  



My family and I love honey, but we couldn’t find the good quality, pure, raw, organic honey that would make us happy. Being a family of doers, we decided to do it ourselves and went into beekeeping putting our best foot forward by acquiring three hives. Our hard work and tender loving care were not enough and we ended up loosing all of them.  It was a hard, and very sad way to learn that the more information you gather from your hive, the better equipped you are to succeed as a beekeeper.  

Properly monitoring the hives is easier said than done; it’s time consuming work and it comes with the bonus of a few stings.  And learning about bees takes a long time and we didn’t have any to spare.

Opening the hives too frequently will disturb the bees too much.  Leave them by themselves too long and they may swarm on you, costing most of your honey and half of your bees.

Or like it happened to us, you come to see them a day too late and figure out that you could have saved them from drowning or moths had you checked them earlier.  


Today, we enjoy our bees and our organic honey (or as Organic as it gets of you are a purist!).  And we want to make the beekeeping experience simple and enjoyable for everybody so more people can have bees.  Also, we want to save the bees but we need tons of information to find the causes of Colony Collapse Disorder.

After three years of design work and testing, we have developed the HIVE GENIE.  HIVE GENIEe is a robotic beekeeper that acts as an Integrated Pest Management System, a Hive Guardian and an Information Center all in one Bee friendly unit.  The HIVE GENIE makes beekeeping an enjoyable interesting experience.  Then we figured out, "this thing can actually save the bees!"

Have you ever wondered how many bees you have? Or how many are born or lost every day?  The Hive Genie answers those questions and many others.


When a problem is detected the HIVE GENIE suggests an inspection and in some cases a solution.  The LCD screen and on board LED will let you know when something is wrong and what to do.  If you are connected to the Hive Genie Bee-cloud you can receive text messages with customizable alerts.

  • Monitor the effect of specific pesticides and monoculture crops in real time.
  • Know when to add another supper or when to harvest your honey. 
  • Have a graphic view of the honey flow in each of your hives.   Know when to start and stop feeding or if it is necessary at all.
  • See how your bees are handling the cold winters and hot summers, and get alerted if they need assistance.  Detect when your hive is sick or under attack, especially at night.
  • Make sure your queen is laying and get population estimates.
  • Know when you can split your hive and get alerted when they are about to swarm.

With the Hive Genie you will save time, save money, save work and save the bees!


The gates sizes have been tailored to protect the bees from hornets, mice and moths while letting the bees enter and exit freely, even during the peak of the honey flow.  Its aerodynamic design enables the bees to regulate the airflow as they would normally do.  Bees actually prefer small entrances because they are easier to defend and remain warmer.  Notice here that even though the entrance is fully open, they only use a small fraction of it, leaving the rest undefended.

Final product

Information is displayed in the HIVE GENIE’s LED and stored automatically in our cloud application where you can have a graphic display of your different hives, add notes and compare them to other hives from around the world.