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LCD screens

The LCD screen is an add-on.  We decided to make it an add-on for several reasons:

1) After much testing we came to the conclusion that WiFi is more important than an LCD.  Having WiFi enables you to check your hive from any device with internet access.

2) Not having an LCD saves a lot of battery thus increasing life for months.

3)Not having an LCD saves a lot of I/O pins, thus increasing the available space for add-ons.

4) Although the LCD is great for testing prototypes, one deployed in the hive is difficult to read with the veil on.  Even without the veil you have to be fairly close to be able to read it.  The LED can replace the LCD since we have a fixed set of messages.  Therefore, no need for the LCD.  This thing look more and more like R2D2!

Let's Compare the different Hive Genie Models so you can see what they each include.

So basically the Queen model has all the sensors and capability to accept a few add-ons for either sensing or controlling (see the store page for examples).  The Worker model is like a Queen but lacks the load sensors and the ambient light temp and humidity sensors, which are quite expensive.  So if you plan to add the weight sensors later on the Worker, it's doable but the total cost would be slightly higher due to shipping costs.  The Larva model has the photo gates and temperature and humidity sensors.  All the rest of sensors and add-ons will be able to plug so you can eventually convert your model to a Queen or even more.  All models have the same microprocessor.

So if you are on a budget but want more than one Hive Genie for your apiary,  A combination of all models may tell a good story because weight gains in each hive is usually about the same unless a problem like robbing or disease happens.

Here are the color codes that the Hive Genie's on board LED will display.  Find the meaning in the Meaning column and the logic behind that in the Logic column.