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The  Hive Gene Queen Model is unit is the full blown.  It will have:

  • 9 Gates
  • One hive scale
  • One status RGB (Red-Green-Blue) LED
  • In Hive Thermometer and Relative Humidity Sensor
  • Environmental Thermometer & Relative Humidity Sensor
  • Light Intensity Sensor
  • Long Range WiFi (theoretically 1.2 miles! we have to test this claim...extensively)
  • One solar panel
  • One solar charge regulator
  • One cable set
  • One year of free app service


Hive Genie Queen Model without solar panel    $369.00

Hive Genie Queen Model                                  $399.00

Next generation (Revision 2)

will ship by end of October 2018,

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Solar panel 18W with 12VDC solar regulator assembled $59.00

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