Hive Genie Installation Guide

Make sure you have all components

Solar panel with cables and solar charge controller and base
Two temperature and relative humidity sensors
Two weight sensors
One Hive Genie


Notice that the battery itself has the positive terminal colored in red. If not, it should have a + sign.   First connect the ground cable (black or white) to the negative terminal in the battery (-).  Now connect the red cable to the positive terminal (+). 

If connected correctly your solar regulator should have one, two or three of the battery LEDs (red) on.  If only one battery LED is on, it means your battery is not fully charged.  Two LEDs mean battery is normal and three means battery is fully charged.

If your solar regulator looks like this, you are ready for business!    The solar regulator will pass load to the Hive Genie only if the voltage is above 12.2 Volts.  That is when the Load green LED is on it means a load output is permitted.  If the load LED flickers, it means the load output overloaded or short circuited.  You need to revise your battery voltage or connections at this point.

Place the Hive Genie into the Hive entrance and Temperature sensor labeled IN inside the Hive and the one labeled OUT under the hive’s shade making sure if it rains it will not get flooded.  I hope you really marked it!




Place the load sensors under the front left and right of the hive.  And make sure the hive is leveled or tilted just a hair towards the front, that way rain water will not get into your hive.  You will need to raise the hive from the back in the approximate same height as the sensors.



Close the hive and place the battery and solar panel in its final place, making sure you point the solar panel South (if in the northern hemisphere or North if in the southern hemisphere) and block the rest of the hive entrance so the bees are forced through the gates.  It will take them a few minutes to reorient themselves and find the entrance again.  After a few minutes, it will be invisible to them… 

After powering the device, the LED will turn Yellow, in your smart phone or computer, brouse for Wifi signals and connect to Hive Genie, Click on confogure Wifi, select your wifi, input your password and you are done!  The Hive Genie will reset itself, once it acquires wifi signal it will blink blue.  If the unit is not blinking blue,  restart the board or if the LED is solid yellow input the wifi password again



Your hive should look something like this…




Congratulations, you just gave a cell phone to your bees!  You are now connected to your bees.  You will receive a separate instruction manual for the DATA base browsing.  It’s way simpler and super fun!

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