What information does the app track and provide?


The HiveGenie software tracks and provides the following current and historical information:

  • The number of bees inside and outside of your hives
  • The temperature inside of the hive and at the location of your hive
  • The humidity level inside of the hive and at the location of your hive
  • The weight of your hives
  • The location of your hives

What is included in the box?

The HiveGenie Bee and Hive Monitor includes the following accessories and sensors:

  • A bee count monitor 
  • In-hive thermometer and humidity monitor
  • An environment thermometer and a humidity monitor 
  • A hive weight scale
  • A solar panel with a solar charge controller 
  • A light intensity sensor
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • A status RGB (Red-Green-Blue) LED
  • Access to our cloud-based monitoring and analytics application

Please note: Due to shipping regulations, we are not allowed to include a battery within the shipping package. We recommend using the following battery if your hives are located in an area with low solar energy: 12 Volt battery with spade connectors, size varies from 7Ah to 13 Ah.

Do you offer warranty on the device?

Yes. We offer a warranty for HiveGenie. For more infomration please visit our  Warranty Page.

Do you offer any support?

Yes. We offer support over email or phone. For orders large orders we offer free on-location installation.

Can the wireless reception affect my bees?

No. The HiveGenie Bee Monitor connection doesn’t interfere and does not affect the bees.

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