HiveGenie Bee & Hive Monitor

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Do you know the status of your hives and the health of your bees at all times? HiveGenie is a robotic beekeeper, a health guardian, a pest monitor, a hive manager, and an information & notification center — All-In-One bee-friendly unit. Improve the health, the productivity of your bees and your beehives by real-time monitoring the number, location, status, and health of your bees, and obtain the most accurate census of your colony.

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The HiveGenie Bee Monitor is Wi-Fi enabled. Before purchasing the monitor, please test the strength of your Wi-Fi connection at the location of your beehives, using your mobile device. Connecting your device to the Wi-Fi network will ensure that the monitor can connect as well.



The HiveGenie Bee and Hive Monitor includes the following accessories and sensors:

  • A bee count gate monitor 
  • In-hive thermometer and humidity monitor
  • An environment thermometer and a humidity monitor 
  • A hive weight scale
  • A light intensity sensor
  • A solar panel with a solar charge controller
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • A status RGB (Red-Green-Blue) LED
  • Access to our cloud-based monitoring and analytics application

Please note: Due to shipping regulations, we are not allowed to include a battery within the shipping package. We recommend using the following battery: 12 Volt battery with spade connectors, size varies from 7Ah to 13 Ah.


45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Within 45 calendar days from the item received date, products purchased from us may be returned for virtually any reason. Please visit our Return Policy page for more information.



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