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HiveGenie set out to solve a major challenge that vexes the health and economic well-being of people around the entire world: Bee death or colony collapse.

Shortages of bees in the US have increased the cost to farmers renting them for pollination services by up to 20%.

Bee death creates important economic losses because several agricultural crops worldwide are pollinated by western honey bees. In the six years leading up to 2013, more than 10 million beehives were lost, more than twice the normal rate of loss. To put this in perspective, according to U.N. FAO data, the world’s beehive stock rose from around 50 million in 1961 to around 83 million in 2014, which is about 1.3% average annual growth.

Meet Our Team

HiveGenie brings together a team of technology enthusiasts, doers, and strivers, looking to make amazing products and a better world.

Mario Chapa


Resilient and optimistic hacker, inventor, entrepreneur, and beekeeper. A great storyteller, passionate for people and technology. Before creating HiveGenie Mario participated in several large projects on renamed organizations as an environmental scientist.

Joe Levi


Self-aware, visual, creative, highly motivated and with particularly obsession for analyzing data, always searching solutions for science and media. Before joining the team, Joe was a data science consultant for many organizations.

Manuel Magallanes


Pragmatic, risk taker, productive, thinker, innovator, curious, firm believer in the operation of excellence. An activist of “from simplest to complex.” Before participating with the team, he played diverse roles in international projects on large corporations.

Pradeep H. N.


Graduated from the most prestigious university of India, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Co-founder of robotics startup in IIT, Lemalabs. Now professionally pursuing the passion for embedded systems as a firmware developer. Wishes to contribute to the world by using technology to help restore fauna balance on earth.

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